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KalaFish Therapy

Come and try this amazing treatment. We are the only hand treatment spa in Tunbridge Wells.

Garra Rufa Fish, also known as "Doctor Fish", are highly trained, little therapists. A natural process, they simply nibble away the dead skin cells, leaving behind a smooth, soft exfoliated area. They will concentrate on areas that require the most attention using a gentle sucking technique. These little experts will work together revealing the healthy skin underneath.

KalaFish @ The Beauty Rooms provide the perfect relaxing atmosphere ideal for this calming, de-stressing sensation. Long term benefits include improved blood circulation, enhanced regulation of the nervous system and healthier skin.

Please click here for safety information.

All treatments include washing and cleaning of feet prior to treatment.


FIFTEEN MINUTES  | Standard £20 | Members £10

THIRTY MINUTES  | Standard £30 | Members £20

FORTY FIVE MINUTES  | Standard £40 | Members £25


10 MINUTES  | Standard £10 | Members £6

Receive a Free 10 Minute Kala Hand Therapy session with any Mani/Pedi